7 May 2009

My creative space

Hmmm... very similar to last time. More time on the couch I'm afraid, this time in the sunny spot under the window. Here's what's happening:

* Big bunch of flowers from a dear friend.
* Nanna's lamp
* Orange box of coasters from a garage sale... we're all loving orange right now.
* Nanna's orange glass bowl, filled with clips. So many more to make before the week's out!!
* Bowl of yarn and needles ready to make a scarf of some sort for Swayer.
* Obligitory cup of tea (wishing it was earl grey) and a gingerbread blob made by the owlets yesterday.

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  1. My two favorite things, knitting and buttons.

  2. It all looks delightful! Those knitting needles look like chopsticks ready to pick up and eat the bowl full of button vegies and wool noodles. MMMM

  3. Oh yes, Earl Grey - my favourite. Your space looks fabulous.

  4. Sweet space :-)
    The colour orange, in Chakra terms promotes creativity and joy...a perfect colour for you right now xx

  5. This is a lovely collection of things.

  6. I'm in love with your space today, I want to say something about everything, it's all lovely.

  7. I could just keep staring at your space. Loads going on a the moment here and I just want to look at pretty! Your buttons look good enough to eat!

  8. How funny, I was just looking at your creative space thinking how do you not eat those buttons and I just saw that my sister Lucy wrote the same thing. That is evidence of a little genetic madness! So good to hear someone speaking out in favour of Earl Grey - it's the best.


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