29 May 2009

soccer and sushi

We're getting re-inspired to try some new things and look look around a bit. Fun times! Our new morning walk routine is doing wonders. Some mornings we take the soccer ball out for a kick around the field around the corner. The big owlet has decided she'd like to play for a team so stay tuned. Her first game is in 2 weeks!

We're also loving all things Japanese. We've made sushi, makeshift kimonos, written our names in calligraphy, looked at gardens and bonsai and watched Totoro, of course! I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into some Winter themes as part of our unschooling days. I'm finding the freedom of unschooling brilliant, but every now and then some organised activities or themes just keep it bubbling along...


  1. Gorgeous B. I'm starting to strew more occasionally and regularly and it's making a difference. My boys seem to take what I give them and run with it! It's exciting to watch!

  2. Oooh kimonos! More pics! :)


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