15 May 2009

Tea and sympathy

We've been reminded of what a lovely bunch of people we have around us. Lots of delicious meals prepared, visits from my mum and sis who we've missed dearly, cards, flowers and gifts... Friends holding our hands, giving us hugs and warm wishes from far away. Some of the gifts we've received are above. Amongst them a bracelet organised through the Nichola's Tears program, and a box of earl grey to fix my craving :) Thoughtful stuff... One of the saddest moments has been saying goodbye to our midwife and the dream homebirth we had imagined. She's a special soul, one of those rare people who gets you after knowing you for only a short while... If we decide we do feel like adding another owlet to the nest somewhere down the track, its likely our situation will be quite different. After June next year it will be illegal for our lovely, wise midwife to attend homebirths. Strange and uncertain times.


  1. We've been thinking of you all. Hope you are all doing okay...
    xoxo Amy

  2. Thanks Lauren...the minute I saw mushroom linen I thought of you. Take good care. Much Love xx

  3. It's been too long between readings of Owlet. You and your family have been in my thoughts lately. Much love to you Lauren. xx


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