22 September 2009

She can read Green Eggs and Ham...

I climbed up to tuck her in on the top bunk and she was looking at a pile of books with a torch. I asked if she was reading. "Yes, I'm reading inside my head!" She replied excitedly. Then she asked if I could hold the torch for her while she read a book to me... and so she read the whole thing... Green Eggs and Ham. We haven't actively taught her. She has asked questions and we have helped her understand things along the way. She's been reading words for a while and small books here and there, but has been quite reluctant to actually read. Until today. Its an amazing thing to watch, this unschooling thing... It really does just happen. And its a lovely, surprising and rewarding thing for everyone. Especially her. Watching her really understand and enjoy a book for the first time, and her amazement and enjoyment and reading it herself when she wants to... How lucky we are to witness those moments, and share them with her.


  1. While you are lucky to be abe to witness these moments, luck is only part of it. You have deliberately made decisions for your family so that moments like these can happen. And that's not luck. That's love.

    As a potential home/unschool mother, reading posts like this excites and inspires me.

  2. aaw green eggs and ham one of my all time favourites books when I was little!


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