11 September 2009

Toasty toes

My big owlet has been unwell. In need of some nurturing. This morning she arrived at the breakfast table and announced that her slippers had completely had it *imagine best Lola voice*. She held up two shabby, holey looking el-cheapo pink polar fleece slippers with loud tappy soles falling off. What to do? The new slippers needed to be warm and soft and quiet so she can creep up on us - part of her latest facination with magic tricks... So naturally I thought of that old felted jumper I used to make arm warmers for my sister...

I drew around big owlet's foot, worked out a shape, cut out some pieces and stitched them together. I added some denim for the soles. Then I put them on her feet and they were too big and baggy... But yay for felt!! Just a bit of stitching, cutting and moulding and we had a comfy pair of slippers! I still need to finish the top edge with some blanket stitch, but I'll need to wrestle them off her first - she's worn them to bed!


  1. Beautiful. What a lovely mum thing to do. I bet she remembers it forever.

  2. Great idea to put demin on the soles. And a lovely way to nuture her soul.

  3. They look wonderful, I have try this.
    I made a felted vest for my son who was 1 at the time....:)

  4. It's means so much more coming from mum...she'll keep them forever I bet!


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