30 November 2009

Making a list... checking it twice.

I may have overcommitted. Two markets in one weekend, activity advent, handmade christmas... Such lovely stuff ahead! If I didn't need to sleep, it'd all be a shoe-in. I'm focusing on getting ready for the Beach Market and The Market which will both be the weekend after next and promise to be huge and lovely in their own ways. A lovely way to end the year, and mark a full 12 months since I first threw some skirts on a table at a christmas market and started this whole crafty caper... I'm making lots of extra gifty things like bean bag sets, apron kits, sparkly crowns, silky capes and mini mei tais.

I'm hoping to have some more boysy stuff, an abundance of summery skirts and more things for tiny owlets. If there's something you'd particularly like and its not in the owlet shop at the moment, please let me know or put in an order and I'd be happy to whip something up for you.

January will be for sleeping and booking the trusty husky in for a service...

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I can't see me making it to the markets soon, any chance you could list a mini mei tai on etsy or madeit for me (or my daughter actually).

    It would be nice to run into you at a beach this summer.



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