26 November 2009

We're home!!

Oh and isn't it just the best place in the world?!! We had a busy whirlwind trip to Melbourne again... no time for blogging and barely time to remember to take photos as the owlets whizzed around playgrounds, the zoo and the Spanish fiesta.

We love Melbourne and its food and the friends and family we have there... but goodness its busy and loud and dirty and smelly and HOT!! Actually we spent the first two days hiding inside from the scorching heat, living on icypoles... while I prepared for Mathilda's Market. The market was great - busy and bustling. Lots of lovely things and shoppers swooping in to pick them up. The owlets had a great time away too, new experiences and tastes...

oh but we did miss nature - something we have in abundance here! Hello little green home where it never gets too hot. We love you. xx


  1. It's a funny thing that no matter where you live, there's no place like home.

  2. Oh yeah. We LOVE Melbourne, we love being able to be close enough to be part of it when we want to but then drive for an hour and a half and be far, far away.

  3. Oh where is your lovely cool spot, II was so sure that one like that didn't exist in Australia. Actually, you should keep it a secret, otherwise everyone in Melbourne will move there. ; )


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