12 November 2009

My creative space...

Packing and mailing silk capes for my first order for Spiral Garden...

Enjoying new patterns and combinations...

Battling the owlets for my creative space.

Looking at other peoples creative spaces here.

PS. Thanks for your messages of solidarity in response to my previous post! So happy to know I'm not alone in my daggy red button love :)


  1. LOVE the colours of the fabric and trim. I totally understand about 'battling' for creative space - that's why mine's ended up on the ironing board at the mo! I'll look forward to coming back to visit because I've just started to homeschool my little one and it's nice to see what others are doing! x

  2. Lovely colour and texture combinations of fabric and trim. Hope to meet you at the market in Hawthorn in a couple of weeks! Nic

  3. Satin capes..sounds so mysterious. I'm picturing The Three Musketeers for some reason, but it is getting late so I am probably a bit delusional. Your creative space today is so bright and colourful and it's great to see some healthy competition from your little owls! xo

  4. Lovely fabric combinations as always...

  5. Your fabric is gorgeous!!! I relate to the kiddos taking up creative space as well :)


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