13 April 2010

community radio

When Huz and I lived in Melbourne, before there were owlets in our lives, we'd drive to work each day with our radio tuned into community radio. Usually it was 3RRR*. Our little lifeline to our favourite music and all things good happening around us. I listened at work all day. It became like a little community for me. A reminder that there was a world out there and other things happening... It was one of the things on the list of things we'd miss when we moved to Tassie. A little while later, my sister returned from overseas looking for something to do, when I spied the ad. A month later she was receptionist at RRR and now she is a part of the furniture there. It has become her community. She spins some tunes every now and then too and we listen in for a while. A little bittersweet reminder of what we left behind, perhaps...

In Tassie, our community radio of choice is Edge Radio. We listen when we can and they are a huge supporter of local music. Huz will be playing there tomorrow morning if you feel like a listen. Its radiothon time there at the moment. Their first. I've donated a prize too if you want to subscribe to the Wednesday Lunchbox program. You could win the cape, crown and apron kit pictured!

*If you listen to RRR, April Amnesty is on and you can subscribe to your fave program or whatever you like. Get involved peeps!!

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  1. My hubby and I are RRR subs. I couldn't live without community radio. I love the fact that as listeners we are exposed to more than the norm in terms of music, culture and thought. It opens your mind.


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