29 April 2010

Our creative space....

After a restless, windy night and a long walk along the beach and around the neighbourhood to survey the damage, we returned home with some big sticks we're slowly decorating...

Some sand paper, ribbons, crayons and we have wilding sticks for our next wander.

For the afternoon though, the owlets have chosen a movie and I'll be curling up with a cuppa and some fabric, thread and buttons to finish some WIPs I've had on the go for too long...

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  1. My boys are always wielding sticks of some sort...I'll have to share your wilding sticks with them. Looks like a lovely space this week, Lauren!

  2. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful day, fits right in with the autumn weather we are having.

  3. What a perfectly creative day! And what a brilliant Mumma you must be. Hope you have a happy weekend :)

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. Love the sticks.

  5. The sticks are fabulous. Great team effort.


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