23 April 2010

Pincushion :: Received!!

What a lovely surprise. Not just for me, but for the owlets too!!

I love my pincushion. When you hang it from the little loop on the corner, it looks like an Autumn leaf. The little leaf pins were a lovely touch. And the owlets are in love with their owls. The swag of info on the lovely place where they come from is fantastic fun too. Thank you so much, Jenni for such a thoughtful gift and for thinking of us all. x


  1. I always come over with a case of the warm and fuzzies when a crafty stranger puts great heart, soul and effort into the swappy thing...

  2. Hooray! Such a gorgeous and thoughtful package from the lovely Jenni. Have a great weekend. X

  3. great packaging - check
    great contents - check

    so cute and thoughtful.

    I have so loved this swap.

  4. You are welcome Lauren, I had great fun doing it all! Glad the girls like the little owls :-) Check out my blog to see the pin-cushion that was made for me....its totally adorable too! Jenni


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