28 February 2012

faeries, wizards & mama magic...


I've been a little nervous about Huz's return to work. Keen to have a good solid rhythm in place so that it doesn't overwhelm me when it's just me at home with three very different individuals on three very different learning paths and at very different stages. We've been floating in our school-free bliss for some time now and while we know that learning happens all the time, no matter where we are or what we do, our owlets have asked specifically for more stuff to do. For more from me. It seems my mama magic has waned over recent years. Big owlet remembers and she's urging me to find it again... There's just not enough of me to go around. We're finding our way. And I'm formulating a plan to  meet everyone's needs.

It's hardest right now with a busy toddler who's need is to find out what her sisters are up to and have a go. Even if it involves sitting on whatever it is they are doing. It will pass, most likely before the year's out. But so will the owlet's passions and that moment for them to learn from them. So find a way to work with and around happy little cherubic toddler challenges, we must.


Gosh those passions pass so quickly! Last time we visited the library, Big owlet was obsessed with spies. These days she's all about dragons and wizards, and in particular Harry Potter. Staying up late reading, talking and thinking and learning what she can by day... I need to think fast on my feet.

My creation

Little owlet is all about faeries and princesses and storytelling. Fortunately I have lots of experience there... So we're building castles and Hogawarts from boxes. Reading when we can. We're finding a way to work together and finding a flow so that it works. Somehow. I expect it will get easier and I'm putting some regular preparation in to strew their paths with interesting things along the way. I'm looking forward to the months to come and the things we'll get up to. And I'm looking forward to finding my mama magic again...


  1. You know the bit when you locate that Mama Magic and stuff? Let me know? It's all flying by the seat of Mama pants trying to keep up around here...

    PS. Have you looked under your pillow? I can't imagine your Mama Magic has ventured far...

  2. Hmmm sounds like a lot to juggle, how to cater to each of their own little needs and interests all at different stages. But you know Lauren well i think you are amazing, and I know you will find a way.
    Perhaps your Mama Magic hasn't gone missing, it's more you worrying you'vre lost or losing it. Doubt can be a powerful hider, but I don't think it's gone anywhere xo

  3. I'm right with you and today was my partners first day back so feeling the juggle. It's helping to get more kids/mamas/papas over and share in the fun or fury. I'm doing ok and it looks like so are you, beautfully. Always so inspiring and smile-worthy here Owlet mama. My biggest is also into all things magic, Harry Potter, spells, as well....penpal? :) Love to you! xx

  4. Beautifully by which I mean....you're finding your way and always inspiring others too....you are magic xx

  5. goodness, i sure know what you mean about finding the Mama magic... I'm searching for mine right now too and I only have one energetic child not three! You guys are amazing! :)

  6. I know what you mean about the mama magic thing. I have ebbs and flows of it and it's had to change so very much since Lewi was little. My magic for a 12 year old boy is a little scant at the moment. We're in a bit of a learning lull and it's tricky. have to find away out of it and soon.

    I love that photo of Big Owlet reading in bed. So gorgeous! happy days and I hope you get your magic back really soon {I know you will:)} x


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