26 February 2012

summer catch up... part two

summer 3

Here's what else we've been up to... Dancing to live music in town on a Friday evening wander... Consuming vast quantities of bubble tea... Discovering what apps looked like in the olden days...

summer 4

Practicing newly acquired acrobatic skills... Running with the big kids at Scouts... Hanging around in forts and swinging from trees at friends' places... Lounging in the sun...

summer 5

Enjoying home days... Harvesting our garden... Baking and eating more seasonal food... Looking forward to baking more.

Our kitchen renovation will be complete by the end of this week! Hooray! I must say, its been a relatively painless exercise... I am looking forward to eating less take-away. I am looking forward to eating more from our garden. And I am most definitely looking forward to baking in an oven that works. Imagine!

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  1. That apricot cake occupies a special plate in my heart!

    What a gorgeously wonderful summer you've had!


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