7 February 2012

finding our way through the the seasons :: part one

This extended holiday for us has been all about finding our rhythm again. Resetting, re-organising and getting back on track. We kind of lost our way somewhere there. Slowly, slowly we are creeping back to an awareness of systems which govern our own. We're getting top of things, connecting to the earth more and finding our love for the seasons again. Our days have focussed on the beach and breezy hallways as we wander between the garden and our nest, via the freezer, icy pole in hand...

A couple of weeks ago, our time in the garden led us to some serious brainstorming about what we are going to do with all that space. Then as we thought about our unschooling year and things we'd been intending to do to spark interests, to work on together. We came back to the idea of our kitchen garden. And so that is our focus. The garden and the kitchen.

Regular farmer's market visits for seasonal food and seedlings for our garden are inspiring all sorts of yumminess in our home. In a rather up and down emotional and eye opening week, I'm loving the stability and nurturing reassurance that such delicious, fresh seasonal food is bringing us, along with good company and cheerful conversation. Here's what we're eating, snacking on and loving this week:

Perpetual platters featuring beans from friends' gardens, local cheeses, rainbow carrots & artisan bread.
Toasted sourdough with tomatoes, fetta, fresh basil and olive oil
Beetroot and chocolate muffins
Home made ice cream with berries
Handfuls of blueberries
Litres of fresh juices
Loads of fresh basil pesto
Silverbeet, potato and fetta pie, made from silverbeet from the neighbour's bumper crop.
Bowls of cherries
Apricot crumble with cream, made from the bucket (literally) of fresh apricots we bought...

Before the week's out, I'll be making spiced zucchini soup  and apricot jam, or maybe an apricot upside down cake? I'm looking forward to watching, cooking and eating food as the seasons dictate this year. It is going to be brilliant and colourful, nourishing and nurturing... Keeping us all on track, connected to this beautiful place where we live and cheering up even the most glum of days...


  1. I've been thinking a lot about getting more food growing here, too. Fancy coming down in a couple of weeks for a blackberry picking day?

    1. Oh, totally! That'd be yum! And fun! Let us know when's the best time. xx

  2. Hello! I found you through Rhonda's Down to Earth blog. You have a beautiful space here, and I'm having fun exploring it :)


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