25 March 2012

flea market finds :: typewriters and tea sets

Best freecycle find ever! #retro #typewriter #yellow

I have to confess, these two finds are (mostly) Huz's. Actually, they are the result of wishing and hoping, and so I feel like there may be something to this *manifesting* that I see discussed around the place, and that perhaps we all played a hand in bringing them here... Little Owlet has longed for a vintage typewriter for so very long. We spied a beautiful yellow one in a secondhand shop for $150 and sighed as we walked away empty handed. And again when it was still there last time we visited. Oh if only....

In the meantime, we've been doing some decluttering and have made a few offers on freecycle and to friends. Decent things that we just don't really have the space for in our nest... Then last night, Huz read this notice on the freecycle list: "Offer: Electric Typewriter that has issues with a couple of letters"... Thinking that issues were probably ok for a couple of owlets wanting to have a play, he replied. As it turned out, he was the only person to reply. And the typewriter was his to pickup just around the corner from our nest. The previous owner's son had used it to type up his showbag list each year (bless!). Expecting it would be rather bulky and ugly in appearance, Huz brought it home to unveil... *Gasp!* After he opened the case and we picked our jaws up off the floor, we saw that it was almost identical to the yellow one we'd coveted. The freecycle gods have been kind.

I bought this tea-set today because 1: it's #norwegian 2: it's totally cool #retro and 3: because LOOK how #cute it is!

The tea set was a gift to our new kitchen. I spied the cups and saucers at the second hand shop where we found the kitchen cabinet. Huz fell particularly in love with them on an erlier visit there and claimed them when we bought the cabinet... Coincidentally, when we were wandering through the second hand shop with the yellow typewriter we coveted, I spied the teapot. Even more amazing, they had two! We picked up the pot that was in better condition and now they happily sit reunited on our kitchen cabinet, waiting for late night tea parties between me and Huz. We are rather fond of them... But what I love most about the bits and pieces that feather our nest is the way they arrive here. The coincidences, the luck. The stories behind the pieces and the hunt for them. It's what makes our house truly a home.

I'm linking up with Flea Market Finds on Her Library Adventures today. Go and have a look and see what luck other peeps have had! 

Both photos were (very proudly) taken by Huz upon return from the hunt.


  1. Amazing finds & great story! Gotta love Frecycle!
    Cheers ~ Lara

  2. Wow I'm drooling over that yellow typewriter.

  3. well congratulations! That typewriter is a real dream come true!!! Lovely lovely!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. Oh my goodness, my hand just thumped on my chest when I saw the tea set. My husband's grandmother, who is our daughters namesake, used to have that set. He has fond memories of visiting her and having his lunch served up onto a small plate. Sadly, when she passed, the other relatives swooped in on her house and gave away her goods to thrift shops. My husband went on a frantic search and only found two plates.

    It is great to see that such a lovely family found such beautiful treasures. :)

  5. Wow, this typewriter is the business. I found a typewriter too but yours is yellow!! Also, that teaset is awesome x

  6. Your finds are beautiful and so is the story! Congrats and thanks for sharing :)


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