11 June 2014

30 Ways to Enjoy Winter :: Beating the Winter Blues


Once upon a time I was a winter person. Always preferring to rug up rather than strip off, I liked winter's crisp air and stark light. Then I moved to Tasmania. Winter is very beautiful here, but it always takes some bolstering to be ready for the cold and the shortened daylight hours. Along with some vitamin D, we need to have a bunch of things up our sleeves to make it fun and keep us happy. Here are 30 ideas for keeping us (and hopefully you) active, warm and happy this winter.

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Wake up with yoga or some other movement that stretches your body and calms your mind.
Eat something nurturing, fresh and rainbow-coloured.
Try some different teas or warm drinks. Find one you like. Make a ritual of it.


Go for a walk in nature.
Spend time in a landscape that's bigger than you.
Find inspiration in beautiful things that are much smaller than you.
Find a pub with a fire and cosy up over food and drinks, while recounting a long outdoor adventure.

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Make something by hand for someone you love.
Send a letter in the post.
Go to a concert or a film. Come to Hobart for Dark MOFO.
Visit a farmers' market. Make it part of your week.
Spend some time in a book shop or oppy and find a book you like. Devour it. 
Do something that challenges you - like my brave and wonderful Dad, on the first day of Winter.
Learn something new or how to refine something you do. I've been doing this.
Take a course -  Maybe an e-course or something local… This looks good.


Plan a little getaway - visit a shack, go somewhere beachy, have a sleepover at a friend's place.
Light a campfire in the backyard.
Cook something in the coals.
Spend time gardening - plan, explore seed or tree catalogues, plant green manure, make compost.
Look for edible winter greens in your neighbourhood. Get to know your weeds. 


Spend time with people who make you feel happy.
Wear something colourful everyday.
Wear what makes you feel good (even if it's texta all over your face, like Tiny).
Buy or knit some warm woollen socks.
Layer up. “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” ~ Ranulph Feinnes


Sort through your things. Think about what you need. Make space. 
Decorate a little corner of your home. 
Buy or make some art, then find a spot for it in your home.
Celebrate the dark. Turn the lights out and light candles and enjoy the quiet.
Take a long bath with oils, colours, candles… and someone you love, who makes you giggle. 

What are your winter survival tips?
Happy wintering! xx


  1. So many great suggestions - I don't know where to start :) Yes I do....I'm off to make a warm drink (cinnamon tea is this weeks favourite). Happy Winter days to you and yours x

  2. You know what warm drink you reminded me of? Ribena tea. It's basically hot cordial, which is a bit weird, but it's a yummy winter warmer.

    Also what's going on with those apples? Did you just core them wrap them in foil and bake them in the open fire? That looks amazing-delicious!



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