29 June 2014

Creative nooks...

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2014-06-27 16.27.54

I've been examining creativity and how it sits in my daily life a bit lately, thanks the course I'm doing right now. I've always had little spots around my nest which serve to offer some inspiration, cheer things up or encourage creativity on the fly. Emergency craft stations are something I've made sure to have over the years for those times when I need to steal a moment of creative time without having to spend time setting it up or clearing it away - important with three-year-olds in the house, I find!

So this is a collection of nooks around my nest where I work, rest and draw inspiration. Right now my little secret desk is full of little things that inspire or materials I like to work with. Lots of sketchbooks to fill… potential.

There's a little space for owlet inspiration, an emergency owlet craft station and a resty magazine and knitting spot by the couch too. All these things help to remind me to keep looking, thinking, creating.

Do you have creative nooks in your nest? 
Do you keep emergency craft stations at the ready? Just in case? 
What keeps you inspired, day-to-day? 


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