16 June 2014

Working at Creativity

The other night I dreamt that Pip was working in a corner of my bedroom putting an excellent new workshop together and there was a surprise permaculture seminar in my lounge room. I couldn't work out where all the people were coming from. Pip thought it was happening because I'd started blogging again. Huz and I mused on that with her for a while… and the people flowed in through the front door. I was SO UPSET about how dirty and dusty my house was. But it was happening anyway and it was exciting. 

The message wasn't lost on me… Just put pen to paper, needle to fabric, hook to yarn, ink to squeegee and begin. It's been so long since I allowed myself to make anything for me, other than words for this blog or Spiral Garden. In a nest with three busy owlets and a list of jobs and chores longer than my arm… Plus my lovely Huz who I can never have enough time with… I'm always putting everything else first. I really have to battle (mostly with myself) for creative time. It seems frivolous. But to make time for creativity is key to my happiness and health. It's one of my favourite and most important forms of self-nurture. It's what gets me dreaming about what's next, pushing me forward. There's an excited little creative ball of energy stuck inside me and I really need to do something about it. Just for me (and possibly those I live with - ha!). Regardless of the state of my nest. And it's time to commit to working on my bigger permaculture plans because there really is no better time. I'm hopeful the two will combine. 

Huz will begin his PDC in a couple of weeks, which will be HUGE for him in terms of thinking outside the work/life box and finding out about all things permaculture. I'm very excited for him. I'm hoping it'll be the beginning of some exciting future thinking for us, in which we give back to our community. 

For me, my focus will be extracting some of those seeds of ideas I've had forever. Getting my creative juices really flowing and MAKING ALL THE THINGS! Not just the ones that I can put in our shop or make to order, but the ones that make me happy. Who knows where they will lead? Somewhere exciting, I hope. 

Do you have creative plans that you struggle to let out?
How do you make time for creativity? 
I've been looking at this e-course and I think it will be really fantastic. I can't quite afford it this month, but if you do, let me know how it went, ok? 



  1. Oh dear! It seems like we're all feeling the pinch. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Meanwhile, I'll just keep looking for my own ball of creative energy. I'm afraid mine's been replaced with a lump of coal.

  2. It's thirded from my end too Loz! I recently moved the house around (tetris, anyone?) and have a Sewing Room With a Door. I can't get enough time in there, but it's lovely to have some space to create and dream. I can't run at the moment so my energy is getting out the crafty way. Last week was two shirts, a cushion, quilting one quilt and piecing another. This week is quilting the quilt, another tshirt and another cushion, as well as 34 little people sized bean bags to play with. Tidy house? Whatevs. xx

  3. I recently allowed myself to do some knitting to create something colourful for myself and it feels great, makes me happier and fits well into my day (though I had to get past the desire to get it finished quickly). Good luck with the finding time to create and noticing how many creative things you do everyday.

    I recently saw "Learning by Heart: Teachings To Free The Creative Spirit" by Corita Kent at the local library, but now isn't the best time for me to borrow it. Maybe there is something similar you can pick up at your library while you are waiting for the opportunity to do an e-course?


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