27 January 2009


We celebrated Chinese New Year on the weekend. It was a really fun way for the owlets to learn about a different culture and symbolism. We love celebrations in this house and any excuse to eat together!

There was craft too. The owlets made some masks and costumes for the lion dance...

....And here is the performance! Little Owlet elected to join the band rather than dance, so her position was gallantly filled by Huz. Ok, so its a little nerdy, but so rock at the same time!! Unschooling is fun!

We had the option to celebrate Australia Day which we know here as Invasion Day. We felt Chinese New Year was easier to grasp for now, but will look for an appropriate way to mark the day next year...


  1. Awesome stuff. Love the dancing, thanks for sharing the footage with us!

  2. Oh, that is so lovely! I'll show my ds1 who screamed when he saw the actual lion dance at the Chinese restaurant we ate at. Yours is much less intimidating. XXX

  3. Gosh L, that was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing xx


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