19 January 2009

Too cool for school

We've been paying more attention to this education business now that Huz is back at work and the year is in full swing. The application has been sent and this is our first real proper year as unschoolers. When the enthusiasm for a particular subject happens its lovely to see where the day goes. Its such an organic thing... learning. Today Big Owlet found a piece of blue fabric which reminded her of a cubby we made once. It was an underwater cubby. We decided to make another one, only fifty times better, bigger, bluer... This one had sea life decorations pinned to the inside, soft pillows all over the floor, a high roof and sparkles everywhere. Naturally, we spent some time looking at water themed books, having a craft explosion and making starfish shaped jam sandwiches.

I pulled out my flute in the afternoon and showed the girls how that worked and Big Owlet became determined to make a noise on the thing. And she did. Throw in some bike riding round the backyard and a spot of gardening and we had a pretty well-rounded educational day!

We've been indulging Little Owlet's particular interests too. Her favorite things are birds and guitars, so it was brilliant to find them all wrapped into one art installation at MONA FOMA on the weekend. Quite mesmerising and the girls completely loved the whole exhibition as it was interactive. Must remember to get out and look at art more often...

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