4 January 2009

Lovely weekend

We've had such a lovely time with Swayer home for the last couple of weeks. This last weekend was particularly lovely. We were all a little aware that the holiday ends tomorrow and we get stuck into our year so we did a bit of everything...

Just time to make some new pants from old. Size 3 jeans that still fit around Audrey's tiny waist, but came up to her knees, so with some fabric found at the tip shop, we went all Punky Brewster and added some fun to the wardrobe.

January is when Hobart becomes festival city!! We spent saturday at the African Cultural Festival and the Taste Festival at Salamanca. Lots of yummy food. We had Ethiopian injara, Congolese donuts and mmmm real raspberry icecream... then a spot of african dancing...

And today was the maiden flight of Audrey's kite, now known as "Rainbow Rosie" (everything is called Rosie or Daisy these days, of course). We took it to the Hobart Kite Festival at the Cenotaph. Lots of blue sky and just enough wind. Then off for fish n' chips and a play at a friend's house and gardening after dinner. Just perfect.


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