15 January 2009

making me smile - part 2

Awesome 1960s/70s knitting patterns... Men in neck scarves and silly wooden poses where nobody quite knows what to do with their arms. These were another tip shop find. Not sure if I'll knit them, but I love to look at them all the same.

Summer in the garden! The apricots are a day or two from perfection too. Yay!

Busy days 'round here, as usual. I spent a lovely weekend with Mum & Dad who popped down for a visit. Unfortunately the dinosaur of smelly feelings returned for a brief visit too which got in the way of things. Now we are back in form just in time to welcome friends for a weekend visit. That's one thing about living somewhere beautiful like this... Summer is busy! I'm desperately needing to make something soon so I'll try to make my next post a crafty one.

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