30 December 2009

Still bouncing...

P1140873, originally uploaded by blossabc.

We're still loving the new toy, thanks family! Also loving the new Chrissy day frocks my Mum made for the owlets. Its been a struggle to get them washed in between days and despite cherry stains and raspberry dribbles... We're keeping pretty quiet here, enjoying a holiday at home. We've spent an afternoon at the beach, de-cluttered the art cupboard, ambled our way through the left overs and treats and bounced in the moonlight as we watched the yachts roll in on their final Sydney to Hobart stretch. We're half way through the holiday and I'm holding to the days hoping they pass a little slower...

Hope its lovely and relaxing wherever you are too. x


  1. Loving the Chrissy dress, cute! It has a bit of a Holly Hobbie feel, without the apron. Bet they are doing a lot of bouncing, gotta love a tramp! Hope NYE is fun too xo

  2. I love that dress - super gorgeous and perfect for summer!

    Saw your stuff at the Wilderness shop - it looked really great!


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