19 January 2010

Extended holidays...

I've been very quiet, I know. We've had a couple of weeks full of visitors and house guests bringing loads of love and laughter. First a visit from my Mum who had a well deserved holiday with us... It was so lovely to spend time with her... Then a visit from some lovely friends we host on their annual visits to these parts. A full house, lots of fun and lots of happy memories... now to work on smuggling my sister over for a visit....So what have we been up to? A little reading, a little swimming, a little dancing, a little wandering, a little cooking... We are lucky to have three or four beautiful, wild beaches at our doorstep, so there have been plenty of beach visits. I even mustered the courage to take a dip in Tasmanian waters! Refreshing would be an understatement!!

An owlet lost a tooth in amongst it all! Much to her delight...

We've been looking lots at all things related to water this summer and spending time just breathing it all in...

So this week feels like we are back to reality. No more expected guests, just lots of things to begin. We're booking classes and getting organised for our unschooling year. We've been living without sugar since the new year and feeling better for it. Lots of new recipes learned... I'm working out a little plan for my crafty business this year too... and feeling the creative urge return!



  1. I so know what you mean about visitors ... I love having them and we just said goodbye to one who left for home in Canada. It's so sad to see them goodbye and so wonderful seeing where you live through new eyes.

  2. Oh, I'm missing you lot!

    It seems soooo long since we've caught up. Bri keeps asking when you're all going to visit. Can't wait for the next week to be over so we've got the all-clear in the quarantine stakes.

    Great photos!!! We're still waiting for teeth to fall out, but the excitement is building :D

    Can't wait to catch up & see what creative exploits you've been up to :)

    MWAH xxx

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. Life without sugar sounds good, dipping our toe in the water there too, (bit hard for a cupcake baker though!)

    I haven't ventured deeper than my knees in the ocean yet, I admire your bravery!

    Hope to read more on your unschooling adventures.



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