10 January 2010

The new toy...

So my laptop is on its last legs... it seems my days of nomadic blogging are numbered... We found ourselves looking at shiny new imacs and managed to leave the shop with one tucked under Huz's arm and a maxed out credit card in my wallet... and so we have entered the world of mac and we like it. Unfortunately, as demonstrated in the pic, there's not much room for mama amid all the fun... hence the lack of posts of late... so I'm waiting for the novelty to wear off.


  1. Oohh you'll love macworld (if you ever get a go!) It is a shame to see the end of those gorgeous nomadic blogging days tho. XX

  2. Welcome to the world of Mac's. It's true what they say, "once you go mac, you'll never go back!". They are brilliant - enjoy!


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