27 January 2010

Summer bottling

One sunny day last week, the owlets and I wandered home from the playground past an old tree dripping with tiny plums... We filled a hat and nibbled them along the way. An hour later Huz walked in from a day in the bush. "Guess what I found?" He said as he lowered 5kg of plums onto the counter... then showed us his hat-full of yellow plums... and the kg of cherries he bought....

So guess what I've been up to?

ETA- just for you, C... My usual recipe is - heat fruit until the juices start to bubble out a bit, add half the weight of the fruit in sugar (so 2 parts fruit to 1 part sugar - most recipes call for equal parts, but we haven't needed it that sweet). If I'm making berry or apricot jam I add a lemon, cut in half. I squeeze it a bit before I throw it in the pot. If its plums, no need for lemon, it sets on its own just fine. Bubble away until a blob dropped on a cold saucer doesn't run but forms a skin when tipped, or if I run a fingernail through the middle of it, the little gap stays there. Fish out the lemon and bottle in sterilised jars.


  1. Wonderful! It looks so summery and delicious

  2. oh lovely!!
    Care to share your recipes/process? :)

  3. Impressive harvest & those conserves will last you for ages. Really sweet blog & love that umbrella from the last post, what a score!! Love Posie


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