7 March 2010

another market day

We had a beautiful day at the market. We spent some lovely time amongst friends. I finally caught up with Angie (and as if by magic, had a mini mei tai just perfect for her little one), hooray!!. I had a quick chat to Jacquie and lovely chats to Michelle (mmmm, more chocolate truffles), and Simone throughout the day. Did you see Simone and her two beautiful girls on the Collectors on ABC last week? We did and big owlet was so excited to see the girls and tell them all about it. She spent the day wandering around the market arm in arm with one of the girls, flitting from stall to stall, chatting and charming (I hope!) the other stallholders.

So we each chose one little thing at this market. We all put in the hours, so it was only fair... The owlets chose a badge each. Little owlet is enjoying the power of decision making, so she made about 8 choices before finally settling on a skull and crossbones. Huz chose the Mountain Lilac unheated honey from the Arve.

I chose this beautiful little gocco print by Cat Rabbit. I just love it!. I spent the day sitting opposite her beautiful rabbits and owls, eyeing them off... I bought a very special little something made by Tara Badcock for my Mum for her birthday. I can't show you yet though, just in case you are reading now mum... so I'll show it off in April when the coast is clear.

The day was successful enough that we managed to afford our little things, groceries on the way home and a life membership to the local organic co-op. I'll post more on that during the week, along with some pics of the new Autumn range I launched at the market. I'll be updating the owlet shops with what's left. Hope your Sunday was lovely too! x


  1. Nice chatting to you too. x

    Looks like you had a fun market - love your little purchases!
    I'm having market withdrawals - it's been ages since I had a stall.

  2. I'm glad you like the Gocco print!
    Your little owlets are delightful, I wished I was little again so I could pal up with them and we could amble around the market together!
    x x


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