25 March 2010

My creative space...

Yup. Its a mess.

This week has been busy. I actually forgot it was Thursday and that I usually aim to find a creative space somewhere around here, on a Thursday... The week has been filled with finishing off stuff for orders and markets and more of the same. There have been knitting lessons for big owlet who has decided to knit a blanket. I've been finishing off last week's creative space project... So not much new and exciting crafty stuff to show. Much of my creative brain space has been devoted to the garden. Our once blank canvas which is now a weedy, although not entirely unproductive, mess. There's life in there. Pumpkins growing under the Rainbow Chard, cherry tomatoes mingling with enormous zucchini. There's a plan brewing. We need to re-introduce a bit of order. Its going to be hard work, but oh so worth it. Lets call this the before photo.

You'll find a bunch of inspirational and orderly creative spaces over at Kirsty's place.


  1. Oh wow - I can definitely spy little zucchini flowers, lovely! I tried to grow zucchini in pots this year (my teeny backyard contains an abundance of concrete) but they were very unproductive. So I am jealous!

  2. I'd kill for homegrown zuccini...wild or not.

    Good luck with the re jig of the vegies.

  3. Good luck with it all. We attempted a vegie patch and failed... and now are going to try again! I hope ours works out too :)

  4. it will be fantastic!!! so do you have any deepheat for that sore back, aching knees and tired mussels when you finish!! lolxx

  5. Zucchinis need to cross pollinate, so if you only have a few pots sometimes it won't be enough (that is what I found, anyhow). When there are more and there are other flowers around, the bees will come and pollinate your zucchinis for you. If there is a lack of bees (or space!) you can always hand-pollinate them, but I haven't found it to be hugely successful. Seems that with zucchinis, you eithe have not enough or way more than oyu can handle!!! Good luck with the plot! Oh and we utilise black plastic a fair bit too... for weakening off weeds, before turning soil over and doing again... after a few times the weed seeds in the topsoil all germinate and then die under the scorching black plastic, and you get rid of a lot of weeds that way. Enough ranting from me!


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