3 March 2010

marine discovery

Summer has been all about water for us. We've been to the beach lots, spending time looking at animals in rock pools and collecting bits and pieces. Stories and play have been of fish, seahorses and mermaids... So today we rounded it all up with a visit to the Marine Discovery Centre. Its set up mostly for schools to visit and learn. They run several educational programs all about water and the local marine environment. They also let families of home educators in for a wander and chat if you ask nicely... so Huz took the afternoon off and we took a leisurely drive down south to look around.

It was a great chance to see and touch some of the local marine life and watch what they do.

Big owlet thought the sea stars were hilarious. They kept moving when we turned our backs.

After we visited the restaurant and sculpture garden next door to race some boats along the water course... then fish & chips at the playground. Perfect afternoon...


  1. Giggle at the sea stars moving when you are not looking, it's so true!


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