9 March 2010

Autumn at owlet

Well here is the first little taste of some of the new things I'll be putting in the owlet shop over the coming weeks...

There are long sleeved t-shirts...

wool tweed pants...

rompers/sleep suits...

beautiful, soft baby pants...

More skirts to come, including some corduroy, perfect nor the weather is getting a little cooler. I'll have some mini me tais too. Many are in my etsy shop today. Keep an eye out and if there's a size you'd like or something you want, but don't see there, give me a hoy!! I'm more than happy to make things to order. Tell me your owlet's favourite colours and I'd love to make them something special. x


  1. I had to stop to say - I LOVE it when there is an idea as well as a nice design (and those button wheels and wings are really spiffy stuff).

  2. Those wool tweed pants are too cute!

  3. Do we 'hoy' you here or on etsy?

    Must have tweed pants in size 0! Plus some other things *cough*


  4. Hey Allison,

    You can hoy me anywhere :) I'll try and whip up another pair of pants in a size 0 in the next few days and list them on etsy, or you can email me (address should be on the right of the page somewhere) and request anything and I'll see what I can do.



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