4 July 2010


P1150840, originally uploaded by owletmama.

A good night's sleep in a brand new bed... family sized! A fresh coat of paint in a room that feels like new and a sunny sunday morning... Hope your day has started beautifully too. xx


  1. Looks terrific. Love that green crochet:)

  2. That room just looks perfect! Now...to get to those jobs round my place :D

  3. Looks fresh & cozy.

    And tidy!

    Love that granny square blanket! I see so many funny looking ones, sometimes you forget how beautiful they can be.

    P.S. To answer your question/comment forever ago, I'm doing The Market in August. I'm not sure about the habitat rubber rings...I couldn't get any that seemed to fit. My new ones have arrived if you need any replacements (I'll try remember to take some to the market if you want)

  4. sucker for the crochet - your blankie is gorgeous - can't beat a king size !
    and the little one said... roll over ...so mum got out and slept in THEIR bed . . .

  5. oh what I would give for a family sized bed! your room looks so inviting

  6. It looks so refreshing Lauren. What a lovely big window!

  7. Just lovely, and the view out the window makes me cry.


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