5 July 2010

unschool monday :: slowly

This is the third year we've made lanterns. We light them and walk around in the garden, under a full moon or to mark the solstice. This year we had an eclipse to watch as well. We notice that the bandicoots seem to be absent from the garden - perhaps its too cold? We look at the stars and look for all the ones we know, then go and find out about the ones we don't. We shiver, despite all our layers, then run inside for toasted marshmallows. The owlets love the ceremony of it and that we take the time. Things slow down for a little while we watch and listen in the silence and moonlight. Its at these times that we really re-connect and the questions happen. Or, perhaps its because we've slowed it down, we hear the questions a little better? Magical questions about everything they come into contact with. These moments help unschooling work for us and its the reason why we try to pay close attention to the seasons and their rhythm. Through busy days where there are things to be done, its always so easy to brush things aside, but these moments of mindfulness remind us what we should be doing every day. Viewing the world as owlets do... with wonder... and staying in this moment, listening, watching and learning along the way.


If you're into stargazing, as we are right now, check out Stellarium.


  1. Hear! Hear! And I think there's always something about shivering in the wintry night air that inspires the most detailed of small person questionings!

  2. You are so inspiring Lauren, thank you.


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