15 July 2010

my creative space...

Well there is some creativity involved in pruning roses, hey? I like sculpting them, cutting them back hard and watching them bloom beautifully late spring.

The owlets take the opportunity for a sunny picnic on the porch and chatter away. They help cut grass tussocks, wander around the garden, make faerie paths with rose petals...

They draw and work, collect bugs and make garden soup, while I enjoy some knitting and the warm sun on my skin... Sunshine makes all the difference to a wintery day.

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  1. It looks like everyone had a lovely day. seeing and feeling just a bit of sunshine does make you feel good.

  2. There is something wonderful about sitting in the sun on a cool Winter's day...it looks like everyone is having a lovely day enjoying the sunshine :-)

  3. Glad the sun has shone on you all today :)

  4. Sounds like a perfectly magic day! What a yummy picnic spread too. Hope you have an equally lovely weekend :)


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