6 July 2010

faerie garden

We've had some lovely sunny days of late and managed a wander around the garden and a little explore... owlets playing between the sheets drying on the line and all that... but the afternoons are so cold when the sun disappears behind that hill!! So on one of our rambles this morning, we dug up some moss and brought a little piece of the garden inside with us. Its now, of course, reserved for faerie goings on. The owlets tell me that more is more (not less as I had suggested) when it comes to decorating a faerie moss garden... What is it with kids and bling? So we now have a very busy little bowl of sparkly things (and a little layer of moss) adorning our seasonal table.

1 comment:

  1. I hear you on the "kids and bling"! Our sparse and to my mind lovely winter table is now overflowing! It is lovely tho' what a gorgeous idea. Might have to suggest it to my faerie child.


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