16 December 2011

feeling festive...

Or trying to, rather... Actually, an alternate title for this post could be "Oh! Christmas Tree!?" For some reason the festive, excited bug hasn't really hit our nest yet and it seems to have snuck up all too quickly. Not sure why... Possibly, like much of this year, the care and attention I'd normally give to things is alluding me. It seems like we're going through the motions a bit. I can feel the dullness and disinterest and dismay at not doing all the things half as well as I'd like, slowly peeling away. I think I just need to stop. Or at least slow down. And so the festive season this year seems more like a finishing line than a time to revel in. Does that make sense? Of course, it doesn't help that Huz is usually begrudgingly festive at this time of year, so the enthusiasm is generated by me and if my stores are low... Well... I'm sure we'll have a lovely time and if I can spare the time to focus on the little details, we'll all perk up enough...

Tonight we decorated our tiny tree. It's small enough to fit on the table out of reach of Tiny's hands until Christmas morning. It's also soft and fluffy enough so she can touch it without much problem when it is within reach. And a native, so we can plant it in the garden when the festive season is behind us. We placed last year's handmade ornaments with this year's needle felted toadstools and Big Owlet's felted star. On top of the tree is the beaded dragonfly given to us by a friend to top Big Owlet's first tree, which was similarly tiny. Here's hoping that along with the street party and neighbourhood santa truck tomorrow, we wake up feeling festive and excited about the week ahead. I am actually equal parts excited and daunted at the Christmas craftapalooza awaiting me and the time promised to work on it... Wish me luck!

Day 14 :: Breakfast for dinner
Day 15 :: Go for a family walk
Day 16 :: Decorate the tree


  1. Your tree looks lovely! IKWYM re: getting motivated for Christmas. It's all just come around waaay too quickly this year. I'm sure now your trees up you'll start feeling more Christmassy. I must say though, I'm looking forward to a new year and a clean slate. xx

  2. It's been a ridiculously full on year for so many reasons, I hope you get a chance to slow down and that there are some festive sparks to lighten up the coming week.

  3. I am sure you'll find 'your' festive somewhere. hope that payment got to you safely and I'll see you (in blog world) well into the new year.



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