13 December 2011

summer lovin'

Berry picking with the natural learners co-op #unschooling #summer #friends

We've had mixed weather, but for the most part the heater is off... Where we live, that means summer! We've been berry picking with friends, eating berries, shopping, puddling and pottering and wasting days, as I suppose you do when summer is stretched out before you...


Making: Wreaths. While listening to Aretha. Like we always do. The owlets still don't really get the joke. I've also been making more fungi and procrastinating on the ever growing pile of christmas sewing doom.


Eating: Banana cake. Bananas are cheap again and we're taking them for granted enough to have cake and smoothies... Life is good.

Listening: To Laura Viers children's album Tumble Bee. Even if you don't have owlets of your own, this is just beautiful. Each owlet has a favourite song and we sing it loud. With the windows down.  It's on high rotation here after we gave it to Tiny Owlet for her birthday. Tiny is also right into dancing and has a particular favourite. Robot Rock by Daft Punk is her song of choice. "Rock Rock", which kind of sounds like she is quacking, lets us know she wants to dance.

Reading: Awesome kids e-zines. We've downloaded and printed a bunch of Action Pack and Alphabet Glue magazines and I leave them around for Big Owlet to discover on a lazy day. So many craft/reading/outdoor/science/fun activities there! I highly recommend them.

Planning: Camping trips on our beautiful island. I think a couple of days away would do us all the world of good. I can feel the inspiration and motivation returning to nurture my owlets, Huz and myself... But still, a few days to shake it up and get some perspective would be lovely.

Activity Advent...
* have pancakes (with berries) for dinner
* put up fairy lights in the lounge room
* play mini golf
* go to the movies
* make decorations
* giving day
* write a christmas song
* watch a christmas movie together
* make a wreath

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  1. I love the top picture. It's so pretty. berry picking is one of my favorite things to do.


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