5 December 2011

unschool monday :: blythe...

True love

Otherwise known as numeracy, literacy, craft, information technology, history, planning... life learning.... Big Owlet first spied Blythe over my shoulder on a blog one day and was immediately besotted... Then after some research and thought found you can make really rather awesome doll houses for these dolls. And perhaps she's not too old for dolls after all.


So she sat down with ebay and watched auctions and lamented the fact that Blythe comes at such a high price. Her weekly allocation of pocket money meant she'd be waiting for aaages if she saved. But she began saving. And longing, pining. Researching some more and working out just how long until she owned Blythe. Then discussion of credit cards came in... Currently Big Owlet is paying off a substantial credit debt. We helped her pay for the doll, seeing it as an excellent excercise in all of the subjects listed above. And helping her follow her passions.

So now Blythe is here. Her name is Sophie. And she's sitting in Big Owlet's room, waiting for friends. Hmmm... Now comes the part where I set aside time to indulge Big Owlet in some crafting. She suddenly needs to learn to sew and crochet and have someone to share that with, and this doll seems to be the catalyst. Off we go!!

Have you wandered around last week's unschool monday links yet? So many beautiful posts on families exploring nature... and iPhones!Just about my most useful parenting/unschooling tool :)


  1. Sqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee!

    Congrats to Big Owlet on her very first girl (there WILL be more... eventually...)!

    She's beautiful! (And re-visiting that post of mine has made me want to steal Vida off Punk again! She IS so pretty, I had forsaken her for my other two, but I see I was wrong. ;)

  2. Such a great learning opportunity in so so many ways!


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