29 January 2012

A is for awesome

New shoes

It seems Big Owlet has had a growth spurt and suddenly none of her shoes fit, aside from a pair of thongs. Unfortunately we can't afford the orange Converse she wants right at the minute and all the cheapy shoe places seem to think that it's pink or sparkly or nothing for girls like her... So we wandered down the boys aisle, as we usually do at times like this, and spied the super cheap plain white canvas runners... A-ha! DIY awesome shoes! She set to work, adding bits when the mood strikes, and they keep getting more awesome each day. Just like her :)

My 8 year-old daughter's new original tread! #shoes #handdrawn

pic above by Huz. 


  1. and G is for Goregous! What goregous shoes. Unique, creative, one of a kind!

  2. What a great idea! What kind of pens did you use on them, my daughter would love to do this.She isnt a pink/sparkly person either.

    1. Hi Jessica, these were Sharpie fabric markers. Lyra make some great ones too.

  3. Thankyou Lauren, we are going to be giving this a go very soon!

  4. Ooh what fun! They look great. Love those cute red pants below too..

  5. I love this idea. I kinda want some for myself!

  6. My mama used to have us do this with those fabric paints in the squeezy tubes, good for a bit of sparkle and texture! What a flashback, can't wait to get my lil boy into designing his own sneakers.


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