18 January 2012


I've been on a little voyage abroad with Tiny Owlet. A little wander back to my hometown to spend some time with my family. We missed Christmas with them and it's been a year since they last saw Tiny. She's grown a bit since then...

It was my first time away for the night from Little Owlet and the longest I've been apart from Big Owlet in three years.  I made their fave breakfast before sad faces kissed me goodbye at the airport.

And although it was hard for all of us, I think we all did a little bit of growing.


In fact, the bigger owlets had a marvelous time at home with Huz and he was so brilliantly there for them the whole time.


As they were for him.

Tiny Owlet and I spent lots of time at my favourite Melbourne place, the NGV. In fact, we celebrated the birthdays of two very important people there. We also sampled some cafe culture, amazing food and conversation at my parents' dinner table, sleepovers with my sis and her man and a languid afternoon catching up with old friends. There was just a little bit of time to miss home...

We returned somewhat relaxed, with treats from Mum's kitchen, including her famous apricot jam and some Christmas cake, baked specially... Oh, and a new tooth.

And although I'll miss the food, the conversation and especially the company... It is good to be back in our nest with my owlets and Huz, wandering the garden and sampling summer. I was greeted at the airport by owlets with tiny saved packages of homegrown strawberries and peas. Then at home I was greeted by a tree dripping with beautiful, ripe apricots. Just perfectly ready. All gone now. And so on with summer....


  1. Oh what a sweet, sweet family you are :)
    Enjoy being home, and sharing stories of your different adventures with each other

  2. Finally getting back to all these blogs after the holidays =) Looks like you had a really nice visit! Glad everyone was able to have fun in their various locations. It's very much winter here in PA and I am a little jealous about your summer and apricot trees.


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