26 January 2012

on camping


You know before you go camping that it's going to be dirty. There will be bugs and wildlife and loud noises in the night. That's half the fun. It's a bonding experience and the owlets will love sleeping all in one enormous bed. You expect, when you pack the car and head off camping on the spur of the moment, that you'll have forgotten some things. What you don't know is just how hard cooking on the ground, in the dirt with a baby around is going to be. Or that one of the air mattresses has a hole in it and you'll be pumping it up hourly through the night so that half the family isn't sleeping on the ground... Or that you'll be located in a campsite right next to the toilets. Convenient, but smelly if the wind blows in a certain direction... which of course it will on the night you happened to go camping...

But in the morning you'll wake up and go for a swim in a lagoon so warm it feels like a bath. Fish will swim all around and you'll be amazed by the beauty of it all. You'll go back and have a nap with the baby and realise that your mattress most likely has a hole too and that the ground is quite cold and hard. But it doesn't phase you, because you've survived. And you know how to fix the problem.

Within two hours you'll have checked in to new luxury digs just down the road. The credit card will be completely maxed now, but somehow you don't care any more. Because you will sleep well and be clean in just moments. The owlets will be happy and the holiday will be saved. In fact you'll have loads of happy memories now. The despondent, sinking feeling you had when the second air mattress deflated is now an hilarious story you can tell each other as you saunter off for a spa... And you know next time you'll be better prepared. You've learned a valuable lesson and the whole thing has been thoroughly worthwhile. Glamping anyone?


  1. Glamping is good! I like the idea of this - A LOT!

  2. i really love the idea of camping but i am gently reminded at our destination why we don't do it so often. your photos are beautiful and it sounded like a perfect time in the end. xo.

  3. Glamping. Too funny. Someone told me the other day that the only camping they do is under 5 stars :)

  4. love, love, love your post! Hurray for happy memories and running water :)

  5. Ahahahahahaha, too funny! Very sweet :) The campspot looks gorgeous, Tassie is so beautiful. Clel xx


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