5 January 2012


Harvest #nofilter

Not resolutions so much as aspirations... a plan of attack... a manifesto of sorts. When I read it, it seems like a guide to the basics one needs for survival, with some fluffery added in. Like the staples. The spuds, plus a few luxuries... I'll be happy if I achieve the survival mode aspirations. So far so good...

Drink water. Lots.
Eat real food.
Move my body every day.
Build a fort for us grown ups. A cozy place to escape for a moment. 
Sew myself some new clothes. 
Introduce a night time foot soaking ritual with herbs and salts and Huz. 
Study regularly.
Read a book.
Print on fabric.
Go for walks on my own more.
Sleep more.
Sew as much as I can from my fabric stash.
Plan meals.
Go for more picnics.
Learn a language.
Play music.
Stay home more.
Spend time in the garden every day.
Use cash. Freeze the credit card.
Watch a film each week. 
Sew a quilt.
Relaunch owlet at markets.
Learn to crochet.
Reorganise the nest.
Save money for something big... maybe a tipi. Or a holiday!


I hope your year has begun beautifully... We're busy revitalising the nest. This morning I woke to a house of agitated owlets, grumpy Huz, grumpy me. It was time for a change... so we're reorganising the lot. Again. Throwing stuff out. Again. Cleaning the slate so we can find our rhythm again... We've also been getting up and doing a daily boot camp. Yay! Fun! And ouch! 

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on Monday's post. I was a wee bit nervous about ending Unschool Mondays. There's just so much to write about. I could keep writing for years! And now it seems I'm meme free... I'll miss all the lovely people I've met along the way... I guess I'm looking for fewer limits for myself. So the posts will continue along the same lines, but they won't be restricted to Mondays. And they won't just be about unschooling, but at the same time, they will. Of course they will. How can they not? After all, it is just living... Anyhow, thanks for the support. It means a lot. xx


  1. Loving the manifesto, and the spuds! I read this post as I write out our family caring for each other and our home list which could be shortened to "chores" but that isn't what most of us perceive as a 'cheerful' list...

  2. That manifesto sounds pretty good to me too! Love following your adventures :-)

  3. A good list! I'm also in clear-up, de-clutter, refresh the house mode. One shelf, one corner, one room at a time. It feels so good.

  4. I love your list. Simple & Natural. :-)


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