26 April 2012

new shoes


Over the summer we spent lots of time barefoot. In fact, when Huz arrived home from his last day of work, looking forward to three months of holidays, he announced that he wouldn't put shoes on again until the next time he had to work... and he didn't! He discovered so many amazing things about the world and himself while barefoot. He's still barefoot whenever he can be. Even at work...


I'm always barefoot while at home and I love it, but over the summer I experimented with my own footwear and discovered something quite surprising (to me). The pain in my knees I'd had for 5yrs could be attributed to my shoes. My beloved Birkenstocks were the cause of the pain and surprisingly, my uber flat ballet flats were the most comfortable pair of shoes I owned. Days spent barefoot ended in happy feet. No wonder the owlets refused to give up their baby shoes. The soft soled leather ones we'd always given them as their feet unfurled... I went looking for an adult version and found Soft Star. To my delight, I found we could design our own. Brilliant!


We set to work, printing out shoe shapes, choosing colours, colouring, matching, measuring feet... who knew shoe buying could turn into the perfect little maths and design project?! The owlets loved choosing their own colour combinations and shoe shapes. They selected sheepskin lining for theirs and loved measuring their feet to work out the correct size. Most especially, they loved picking their favourite colours for their shoes! I can't tell you the number of times we've lamented shoe colour choice in the shops in town. Now we have a rainbow...


I chose favourite colours and a simple mary jane shape, while Huz went for a lace-up in his fave colours and a mix of textures. They're bold, but kind of awesome, I reckon.


The owlets have been inseparable from their shoes. They've dubbed them their "outside slippers", that's how comfy they reckon they are... They are so beautifully made, with such care. Just as we'd imagined. The Soft Star elves did an amazing job.


Today we went out, walking around town in our new shoes for the first time and our rainbow of shoes did turn a few heads, but what I noticed most was the comfort! An afternoon walking around town and my feet just feel happy. They are not cracking and aching like normal. My soft stars have just been comfortable from the word go. And silent! I love walking around gently, not stomping. I can feel the ground beneath me and have a greater sense of where I am because of that. Much like when I'm barefoot. I can say we'll most definitely be buying more soon. I may go as far as to throw out all my other shoes which just might force the issue ;)


This post wasn't sponsored or paid for in any way. We paid for the shoes in full and totally love them, we do! I can tell you though, that I will be posting a product review tomorrow and a super duper giveaway! Get involved, because there's some awesome rewards for you and your owlets ;)


  1. Awesome - they look great! I might have to try yours on if I can wrangle them off you for a couple of minutes to see how they feel ;)

    1. Haha! You'll have to catch me first!! xx

  2. Cute!!! All of them.
    I just adore that you designed them.
    And how deifferent and fun they are. x

  3. they are sooooo ace, just went to the site to check them out, how fun and so many choices.

  4. We love Soft Stars too! My next pair are to be a pair of Merry Janes. So cute! :-)

  5. could you tell me what colors you chose for your shoes? I love the combination!


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