30 April 2012

Tiny walks...


As Tiny Owlet grows, the rhythm of our days takes on a new shape. And her confidence in venturing out into the world, keeping pace with her sisters, grows.


On days where we are at home, we've begun walking around the neighbourhood after morning tea. We move at Tiny's pace. Slowing down as she jumps over tiny hurdles. Laughing as she waddles along with a gleeful expression, taking in her world as an active participant.


These walks take time... But goodness she can walk far.


Occasionally she wanders off to look at things on her own, but always returns to the comfort of walking with her sisters by her side...

At the cafe

Sometimes we stop at the neighbourhood cafe before continuing on home for a big nap. How very lucky we are, all of us, to slow right down like this. To just take our time and talk and walk and learn together. To see the the world as Tiny sees it. One Tiny step at a time.


  1. She's adorable and these photos are really gorgeous. I love how you are taking your time with her, we're doing the same with our little bubba, while waiting for her to start walking. Have a great week!

  2. what a glorious post Lauren. Yes lucky are but Tiny is lucky too to have people wanting and willing to move at her pace and take their time as she does. Lucky too are we readers to have the glimpse into your and Tiny's wonderful slow paced world xo

  3. those pictures are just so lovely! x


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