2 May 2012

Stop. Play.

Teddy bears picnic... Teddies waiting patiently for their tea. #play #owlets #picnic

I had a rare moment with Little Owlet today. Tiny had gone off for a nap and we were all alone. Big Owlet was away on a sleepover, so we had a little window of time, just Little and me. These days I'm looking at her and she is SO grown up! SO independent! Most days she's reaching for friends and new excitement to fill her days, where once she'd rather just hang out on with me. Apparently I'm still her favourite person in the whole world, but she loves her friends lots. She's ready for sleepovers away from the nest. Totally awesome... but where did my baby go? It is so fast.

Teddies are sorted #picnic #owlets #play

So today I stopped to play. With her. Just for a little while.  The day slowed to a halt while we discussed platypus's flatness and how he should really be eating more seaweed gems to perk himself up a bit, and how Pooh should probs cut back on the honey sandwiches, just between us two... It didn't take much. Just a rug and our lunches served on special plates... But it filled her heart, made her giggle and her eyes twinkle... And in a week I've found challenging and exhausting, it made me happy too.

What have you done to make yourself happy today? Did you stop to play?


  1. Oh lovely. Thank you for some inspration. I have been the rushed busy Mama of late which has made me snappy and irritable. I didn't stop to play today. But I WILL tomorrow. Because these days do go by so terribly fast don't they? X

  2. So glad you got that time with Little. xxx


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