26 May 2012

oh! kittens!

Hard at work. Researching. Poster making... Uh-oh @berondi #bigowletwantsakitten #kitten #poster #unschooling

Big Owlet has been wishing and hoping for a kitten for a number of years now. It's been her number three wish, next to flying or meeting a real live faerie. We've mostly been against the idea. We have an old cat who is lovely and gentle, but very independent. She hunts and brings home gifts for us, and although she seems to have an inbuilt sense of what's ok to bring home and what isn't, another cat may not be similarly inclined... The idea was wisely ruled out in favour of local wildlife... But then there is a bit of a rat and mouse problem in our neighbourhood... A cat is always going to be useful, even if I do have a mild allergy...

But a visit to the local cat shelter with her Grandmother, and a subsequent play with kittens there, was all Big Owlet needed to rekindle the flame. She worked on proving how responsible whe was around the house. Set to assisting Tiny Owlet with toilet learning, wiped up spills, remembered to feed the dog. She set about finding out everything she could about kittens and how to look after them. It was pretty cute... We were pretty much powerless in the events that followed...

Oops... #kittens #owlets

Well we couldn't very well get one and leave his tiny sister there! She was the runt of the litter and Little Owlet fell in love with her at first sight. And we are making memories here, peeps!

Tiny kitten in a tiny basket.. #kitten #love #tiny #mew

So mini! No wonder she's smitten...

She just curled up on his shoulder... #awww #kitten #love

She's not the only one...

Kittens in the dollhouse #kittens #mew #supercute

Named Storm and Petal, the kittens have settled in comfortably, despite all the colour and movement and noise in the nest. They are played with all day and cradled and carted around like rag dolls or precious babies. They are so loved.

Contented daughter, Contented kitty. #newkitten #sleeping

And one very patient, determined and responsible owlet has found contentment. It's going to be a lovely, snuggly, memorable winter for this owlet. I look forward to watching those memories unfold.


  1. Congratulations to big owlet.
    My eldest sprog has been talking about a cat for a couple of years now too. We're currently resisting, perhaps we'll cave when we're settled in a place of our own... perhaps.

  2. Precious, all of them. Um, don't forget to spay/neuter...

  3. Ooooh lovely! My 3 year old son would LOVE a kitten, but he is so so sadly allergic to cats :( He desperately loves cats, but has to control himself not to cuddle them.
    My cat (now 11 years old and living with my parents) was the runt of his litter, and the only black kitty. He is still such a playful thing - I don't think he'll ever grow up into being a sleepy old man cat :)
    Enjoy your little lovelies! Hope that big owlet really enjoys looking after them as well.

  4. Awww... this is just so incredibly sweet. Beautiful memories will be made for sure. I would have loved to have had such a responsibility as a child. My brother, sister and myself were all very allergic to cats when we were growing up though and we never had any as a result. I got myself my first kitten when I moved out of home to go to Uni. I still have my dear old Seth; older, wiser and greyer (the both of us...) and many beautiful memories with him, my first baby. :)


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