21 May 2012



Today was one of those days... I'm getting so much better at coping with them. The trick is to know what they look like upon waking, so they don't sneak up on you. This morning, I woke to tired owlets who'd been to bed too late the night before. Big Owlet stayed up reading a whole chapter book in a night while the others partied 'til they dropped. That'd be ok if they slept in. But they don't. Little Owlet is trying very hard to have her voice heard at the moment and so everything is coming out as a demand. Tiny Owlet is cutting new teeth and just doing her thing in her own rambunctious way...


Usually nude.

Drive time... #play #owlets #cars

So today, we cancelled all plans and slowed right down. We stayed home from gym class, decided not to walk or drive or shop or go out. We kept pyjamas on for as long as possible, ignored the toddler tornado debris and stopped to play for a bit. We turned a blanket into a street scape and played with cars. We shut the curtains and the owlets danced a nude ballet... well, what else do you do on a home day? There was watching and fighting and biting and the usual wintry indoor day frustrations... but there was also magic....

Big Owlet is becoming quite the the baker #cookies #baking #yum #owlets

And a happy Big Owlet who baked cookies for her third solo effort today. Jam drops, baked following a recipe all on her own. Just the odd bit of advice, but mostly her own work and play... She has learnt so much about measurement, fractions, temperature, time, volume, chemistry and the written word through the simple act of following a recipe. And gained so much confidence and understanding of food. Exciting, wholesome, fulfilling stuff. Worth staying home for.

How was your Monday? xx

PS. Last week's Samhain/Halloween post, you know, that wiccan/pagan-loving night of fun... That was post #666! Hilarious and eerie all at once!

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