27 May 2012

sunday snippets

Please listen to some funky James Brown whilst viewing this photo. Feel the funk y'all.
It's a secret. #sunrise #secret #nofilter
Oh please save me from this cuteness overload! #newkittens #toomuchcute
3 Sisters. #boathouse #tasmania
Cuteness. #sisters #beanie #beach
Hakea laurina is my wife's floral emblem. #hakea #pincushion #flower
Shore Boat. #boat #beach
Little Nugget. #daughter #fearless #gorgeous

{sunday snippets} A collection of photos from your week.  No need for words.  Let the picture tell your story. Joining in with {tinniegirl} 

*All photos taken by our weekend photographer, Huz. Find him on instagram @berondi.


  1. Popping through from {tinniegirl} - looks like you've had a fun week!

  2. Beautiful photos and what an unusual flower. Lots like a fun day of exploring. :)

  3. Little owlet's hair is getting so long! Such a sweet pic of Big Owlet and Tiny. Am sure those kitty cats are bringing much joy to all, the girls' faces are priceless in that picture!! x

  4. Beautiful pics. Ooh I so want to walk on that beach.

  5. Now that just has to be Victoria - I just love those sheds on the beach. Looks like a lovely day.

  6. Oh WOW every single pic is breathakingly beautiful ;)


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