3 April 2012

Owly things :: part one


"Oh! I've got something for Tiny!" Said my friend, Katy as she pulled this beautiful jumper out of her bag... "It has owls, so I thought of you..." I can't tell you how many times I've looked at that owl cable pattern and sighed, thinking my knitting skills are nowhere up to that yet... So thank goodness for gorgeous people like Katy, who find it "easy" ;) We've been so blessed to have people think of us when they see owls. I'll have a little wander through and show you some of our owly things over the next week or so... Did you know this Friday is my 5yr bloggy birthday? Yep, five years of Owlet. It also marks 5yrs since we were the proud owners of our nest... Doesn't time fly?

Are you blessed with people who knit lovely things for you? Do you have a *thing* that people see and think of you?


  1. Vaginas and babushkas, people see them and think of me/buy for me/tell me lol. I loike it a lot Sometimes mermaids as well :)

    congrats on your 5 year blogiversary, cyberspace is a better place for having you blog in it.

  2. I'm blessed with the same Katy ;) and congratulations on five years of blogging!

  3. My sister, my Mum, my Aunt and my step mum all knit for us - mainly T ;-) We love it!

    A "thing"? Gosh... Tassie Tigers and Tassie Devils for T... Nothing that I can think of for me? Hmmm... Perhaps I'd like a thing or two!

    Sel xxx

    1. Let's get you a thing, Sel! Thinking cap is on ;)

  4. It is a pleasure to knit for people, especially those who I know will appreciate it!

  5. Thank you again, lovely. Did you know that she kissed it when I gave it to her? It was just too cute! xx


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