28 February 2013

milk teeth


Can you believe it? This tooth-remineralizing lark... it's working! *touch wood*

If you've not followed Tiny Owlet's journey with her teeth so far, here's a quick re-cap...

Her teeth were decaying and crumbling away as they erupted from the gum. She was in occasional, but increasingly frequent pain. The dentist took one look at them and announced that a GA would be needed to pull the worst and fill the others and there's nothing we could do about it... but it wasn't urgent until her pain was constant. So there was time...

So we looked at Ramiel Nagel's book Cure Tooth Decay with a renewed sense of urgency and removed all grains, sugars and most fruits from her diet, while upping good fats, meat, seafood and green leafy veggies. Our daily use of fermented cod liver oil and butter oil blend stepped up a notch to include skate liver oil. And we drank lots more water. And broth. Our house smells like soup.

A couple of months down the track and Tiny's teeth are completely pain-free. But better still, the decay is starting to go. On close inspection, her chipped front tooth, with brown at the back, has an increasing line of white dots appearing as the enamel grows and hardens. The skeptic in me is completely surprised. But the evidence is there before our eyes.

So it looks like this primal/WAPF/tooth decay diet thing really works. And it is here to stay... at least until those brown-turning-white milk teeth fall out on their own, in their own time. And the tooth fairy will most definitely celebrate.

Wish us luck. xx


  1. Good to hear! I have some small cavities and am ordering FCLO/BO today. I should order the book too, huh?

    1. Yeah, the book is pretty good. I'm not totally thrilled with his research and he admits that he doesn't know the answers to lots of things and why they work (I suppose honesty is good, right?), but I do recommend it overall. x

  2. This is so encouraging. How long have you been on the diet?

    1. Hi Alison, we've been loosely following it since about September... and then strictly since January. We've lapsed a little in recent weeks and there's been no pain, but we will tighten the bootstraps a bit again. x

    2. Thanks Lauren I have just received some of the fermented cod liver oil...argh!!! any tips on how to get it down?


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