25 February 2013

unschool monday :: numeracy learning happens here


One of the unexpected benefits of owning a home business... There's a room full of gorgeous things to save up for. And multiple things to count and sort into colour groups and divide and subtract. There are parcels to weigh and dates and times to ship and receive things... There are numbers everywhere, hidden behind the colours. Empty boxes pile up and owlets count them and measure and work out which shapes will work for their newest construction. And when they've saved all their money and counted it out, that doll they so desperately wanted is theirs. And the learning happens naturally, constantly, always.

If you feel like linking up with unschool monday this week, pop a link in the comments below. xx


  1. Everyday is a learning day! I'll share this day: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-snowy-day-with-nana.html

  2. Although we don't unschool, I love taking all the opportunities I can to teach my boys about numbers. I remember teaching them about unit pricing and how to get value for money in the supermarket when I noticed an older lady standing by and listening in to the lesson also. She was very appreciative! Numbers are all around us and it's great when our children can understand them. Knowledge is power!

  3. Yeah so beautiful and so simple. Life is a lesson if you grab it. Power to you sweet lady.



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